Hot Topic: Ms. Latham is Leaving

Hot Topic: Ms. Latham is Leaving

Joanna and Emily

Ms. Latham, who provides extra support for students, is leaving North Star after 17 years of working at this school. Many people are sad she is leaving but they wish her the best. 

If you didn’t know, Ms. Latham helps kids with special needs by helping them understand what they are learning. Ms. Latham and her aides, usually go into classrooms and watch the kids and if they need help, they are there to help them.

Cam Latham said “I appreciate her because she helped me. And I think everyone who knows her will be extremely sad.”

Many people are sad she is leaving including Ms. Keyley, who has been one of her aides for five years said, “I am destroyed that she is leaving, and she deserves all the honors.” Ms. Keyley is a good friend of Ms. Latham and is really unhappy she is leaving.

Ms. Shackle said “Ms. Latham is the greatest, she helped so many kids, and her legacy will live on.”  Her work will be remembered by many kids, and teachers and her legacy will truly live on.

Mrs. Latham has a lot to look forward to in retirement. “I want to spend some more time with my new dogs, and I also will travel, swim, and do some classes.”

Ms. Snyder, who has worked with Ms. Latham and her students for many years, said “Ms. Latham has been here for so long and she is so good at her job. Her job is very difficult so I don’t know how they will replace her.”

Thank you for all you did Ms. Latham! You will be missed by many students and staff members! We all wish you the best of luck!