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The Student News Site of North Star Academy

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Scratch’s Intel Trip

   Kids were bouncing off the walls with excitement. This is the first time in the history of North Star that an enrichment class ventured to the Intel museum. Scholars were extremely thrilled with the choice of field trip. 

   Tyson V in 6th grade stated, “Yes, I’m excited because we missed this field trip in 4th grade and it is tech related so I think it will be interesting.” 

  From 8:40 to 11:30 AM, kids were shaking in anticipation to get into the cars that will take them to the museum. 

   Matthew D. in 6th grade was asked if he was excited about the field trip. He responded “Yes, because they always change up the stuff and I’m excited to see what they added.”

   When the kids got to the museum, they ate lunch for about 30 minutes before going into the museum. They also took a picture in front of the Intel sign.

   “It was interesting because we got to learn about microchips,” said Matthew G. from 7th grade.

   The scholars did a tour of the museum and also went into a classroom to learn about how electricity moves in circuits.

   There were many activities that you could do on the tours that taught you about technology. For example, there was an old fashioned computer typer, which had you see what it was to type on a computer in the 1900s.

   Luca from 6th grade claimed that he liked the “nanosecond timer.”

   This was a gadget that tracked down how many nanoseconds it took for you to wave your hand across the sensor.

   When asked what her favorite part of the field trip was, The teacher Tish responded, “I got to see the people interact and have fun. It makes me have fun when you have fun.”

   The Scratch for All enrichment field trip was a huge success and many people had lots of fun going to the Intel Museum.

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