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Ms. Roth!

Shivaan K and Nick H

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The 3rd graders are very lucky to have Ms. Roth teaching them this year!.

Last year, Mrs. Roth was a 5th grade teacher at Clifford Elementary School. She is not exactly new to everyone at North Star.  During 2007,  our Principal, Ms. Shackel team taught 3rd grade with Mrs. Roth.

3rd grader Nikitan K. said this about Ms. Roth “She is nice and funny. Ms Roth lets us do anything!”

Megan H. says this about Mrs. Roth. “She is calm and I think she is one of the best teachers ever.

Ms. Shackel says Ms. Roth “… is a great teacher. She is kind, thoughtful, and she is especially great with the kids.¨

A 3rd grader named Celest W.  said this about Mrs. Roth. “She is really understanding and kind. Mrs. Roth is almost the best teacher I’ve ever seen!”

In Mrs. Lozano’s homeroom, there is a 3rd grader named C.J T. and he said a lot about Mrs. Roth. He said this. “Mrs. Roth is the best teacher I’ve ever seen in my life! She has all of the characteristics you could ever imagine! She is cool, nice, understanding, funny, calm and more!”

Mrs. Lozano said this about Mrs. Roth. “Mrs. Roth has been a great new teacher for North Star.  She has lots of energy, great ideas, is super nice and is perfect for teaching 3rd grade at North Star.”

Ms Shackle Says she can’t can come with anything that she doesn’t like about Ms. Roth.. ¨She works extremely hard towards the kids, and she thinks a lot about her teaching. She loves the kids!” Ms. Shackel exclaimed.

We are glad Mrs. Roth is here!

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  1. Nick on January 24th, 2018 2:46 pm

    awesome story!


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