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Fractured Fairytales; FOW

Tyler Y., Reporter

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Fractured Fairy Tales


        Fractured Fairy Tales was one of many festival of words workshops at North Star Academy. Rachel Simpson a 4th grader’s mom taught this workshop. The workshop was down stairs in Ms. Ban’s room in the two story building. Rachel taught this workshop, because she loves fractured fairy tales and thought it would be fun and interactive to have during the Festival of Words. A Fractured Fairy Tale is when a fairy tale is twisted, has a different ending, an character swap, or just doesn’t have the same ending as you would expect it to.

       During this workshop the kids did a drama warm up in the beginning and played a few games. After they were warmed up Rachel read a story called The true Story of the three Little Pigs. It is a fractured fairy tale, because it is told from a different perspective. Another example of a fractured fairy tale, that has swapped characters is The three little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig. The workshop ended with all the kids getting into groups and writing their own fractured fairy tales.

        In order to make the fractured fairy tale you have to brainstorm ideas of a fairy tale. After that you would fold your paper into a comic squares and write your story out. 3rd grader Chloe C. said “I liked how you could make your own story.” When you were done with making your story you and your group would present your fractured fairy tale to the class. Thank you Rachel for donating your time for making fractured fairy tales possible.



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Fractured Fairytales; FOW