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Cell Phones In School; FOW

Andrew W. and Aaron W.

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Cell Phones in School

In the Festival of Words, one of the workshops offered covered the issue of cell phone rules in school. The students were with Mrs. Vance and 2 other NSA parents; Staci Homrig and Julie Lanz, both of which were lawyers.

“It was amazing!” 4th grader Nick G. exclaims. They got to make up rules and share and debate them.

“It’s really good!” 4th grader Ariv D adds to Nick’s statement. People didn’t always agree about the rules though. It turns out that people didn’t really like the NSA rule. It was proven that the handbook was a little out of date, as they didn’t even say that cell phones are allowed in the elementary handbook, just MP3 players, radios and other electronics. And in the middle school handbook, they mention cell phone usage isn’t allowed from 8:30-2:50, which doesn’t actually match the school day. So they helped fix these out of date and unpopular rules. The majority of the class voted that cell phones shouldn’t be allowed while you’re eating at lunch, but, they did say that you can use it. One group decided that it would be a useful idea for usage of cellphones in class for three days in a row, would earn you trash duty. If you used your phone five days in a row, you would get a suspension. The current policy lists that If you are caught using your phone in school hours or during class time, the teacher would have to take your phone away. The only way you can get it back is if your parents meet with the teacher in person and get it back. In Ms. Vance’s class, she would even put it in a lockbox and keep it until your parents came and got it themselves. The cellphone class gave everybody how attended it a insight on how cell phone usage in school could be possibly managed.


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Cell Phones In School; FOW