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A Day In The Life Of An Author; FOW

Noah F. and Alexander O.

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A Day In The Life Of An Author

        Every year here at North Star Academy we set aside one day a year to celebrate and learn about a different topic of education. This year was the Festival of Words, a day where we indulge in any academics related to literature. One of the class was called “A day of the life of an author” and included information about details of a story and books. The author’s name that came in was Evelyn Skye. She has published two books, The Crowns Game and The Crown’s Fate.  In the beginning, Evelyn showed us a video made by one of her fans. It was like a movie trailer except about her book. The people who chose that class and got it were able to get a paper that they could get a dedicated book to them. She taught the kids the first steps to writing a book like developing the characters, and teaching us how our characters had to be. She taught us the importance of a good plot, and how the constant development of the characters and story, keeps the reader engaged.  The people who got the class were able to put their plot and characters together so by the end of the class they were able to start their own personal story! The Festival of Words was very fun in the class a day of the life of an author.


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  1. Martin on February 26th, 2018 2:35 pm

    I was in this this class and it was in this room.


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A Day In The Life Of An Author; FOW