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American Sign Language; FOW

Martin O. and Thruston G.

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 Get a Feel for American Sign Language                                                                 

         For the festival of words there were a lot of choices, one was Get a Feel for American Sign Language taught by Erika Vetter. She is an actually sign language teacher and has been teaching at a silent school for years, and sometimes she does birthday parties for babies to learn ASL. Most parents teach their kids to communicate using ASL for basic words like ¨more”, “food” and “up”.

         In this class, we learned the ABC’s in sign language. We also did silent activities, for example we lined up in order of middle name without talking. We learned how to say “Hello, how are you?” in sign language. Some responses we learned were “fine, awful, terrible, okay, wonderful, tired and bored.”  The workshop was great because everyone learned something new. We learned how to say “hello my name is” and then spell you name. We also learned that some words are not used in sign for example and, or are. This activity was a fantastic idea for the Festival Of Words because now kids at North Star students that attend that class have the basics of American Sign Language.      


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American Sign Language; FOW