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Romeo and Juliet; FOW

Andrew W., Maverick Y., and Nickan G.

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Romeo and Juliet


              “Oh Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”, Juliet’s infamous line in the play “Romeo and Juliet.”

               Romeo and Juliet is a very famous play by William Shakespeare. Recently at the FOW (Festival Of Words) a group of performers from the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival came to North Star. They came to perform “Romeo and Juliet” to every student at North Star Academy. A very famous drama play. The plot of Romeo and Juliet that was Romeo and Juliet wanted to get married but their parents weren’t friends and they both ended up dying. We asked Martin O. how he felt about the play and this is what he said: “I didn’t like it because it was too lovey dovey.”, we also asked Andrew W. about the play, he said “I liked it but I don’t know why.”. The play lasted about one hour. The performers from the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival are very talented actors. It would be very hard to become as fantastic actors as they are, since they probably practiced a LONG time to perform so amazingly, especially since the play is so complex. Lucas B. also enjoyed the complexity of the play he said “It was hard to understand what they were saying because the English was so old fashioned, I also liked it the sword fights.”. The English was very hard to understand, but it was written in 1596 so there should be old fashioned language. Did you know William Shakespeare died only 20 years after he wrote maybe the greatest romance play ever? He only lived 52 years, 1564-1616, and the average human lives for 79 years. That means he died 17 years before the average human death! The Shakespeare play was one of the most popular plays back in Shakespeare’s time and is still now today.

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Romeo and Juliet; FOW