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Chancery Italic Calligraphy; FOW

Nuvya S. and Ava P.

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Chancery Italic Calligraphy

          Chancery Italic Calligraphy, a Festival of Words workshop taught by Diane Wakeman, was a very enjoyable workshop. Students were taught how to write using calligraphy letters, and they even had an opportunity to take home a packet to help them learn to write calligraphy letters. There were some challenges for many of the students, but people commented on how much the enjoyed the teacher of the workshop. “I really liked the teacher and she was very kind and patient,” Ava F., a 4th grader, said. “I liked the packets that you could practice calligraphy in,” Colby M., another 4th grader, commented.

          However, even though many people liked the workshop, there were some complaints. ¨ I would like a bigger variety of calligraphy pen colors.¨ Ava F. said. ¨ It would be nice if they had some more of a specific color of paper. I really wanted the red paper, but when the teacher came to me, there was no more red paper.” Nuvya S., a 4th grader said.

       In the end all of the students took home a packet and a project they made during the workshop. Overall this workshop proved to be a nice challenge for some, but definitely a fun class for everyone to enjoy together!

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Chancery Italic Calligraphy; FOW