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Lyrics And Song Writing; FOW

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Lyrics And Song Writing

           In North Star Academy we have an event called the Festival of Words. During the Festival Of Words their are different workshops that students can sign up for, one of those workshops is called Lyrics and Song Writing. We learned a lot in this workshop. At The Festival Of Words, one of the workshops, Lyrics and Song Writing, taught by Nick Peters, allowed us to write a whole song in just a couple hours! Mira L, a student that took the Lyrics And Song Writing Class said, “Well first we went over the steps of songwriting , then came up with ideas. After that we put it all together and it turned out to be a pretty good song” said Mira L. Thanks to our amazing organizer, Wayne Chu, we got to have so much fun with the Festival Of Words (especially Lyrics and Song Writing). “Yes, it was fun because they explain how to make a song and the steps to do it’’ said Mira L. Out of all the workshops and the amount of people who choose this worksop, means there are a lot of talented people who sing. “I choose this workshop because when I saw the option for lyrics and song writing, I wanted to pick it because at home I love to sing and sometimes I make random songs”. Nick Peters the teacher of Lyrics and Song Writing was very kind and taught us all new things about music! Mira L said, “ the teacher was pretty nice and he is nice because he would let us have four hours of recording at the studio if we won the contest he assigned to us”. Students at North Star that took this class definitely had a great time learning more about music!

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Lyrics And Song Writing; FOW