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Chinese Calligraphy; FOW

Allison J., Reporter

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Chinese Calligraphy- The Art of China

             One of the many workshops in NSA’s Festival of Words on Dec. 8 was Chinese Calligraphy, or the “Art of China”. Students had the opportunity to practice writing chinese characters in ink, and even got to take their materials home. This workshop was taught by Yolanda Cheung and Yulin Hespelt, who helped the students in the workshop learn how to write the numbers 1-10, the zodiac animals, and other basic words. Yulin and Yolanda went through each stroke and how to write it. For example, some points were more round and some had dead ends. “My favorite part was writing characters, such as the dragon(long),” said Maya Hristova, 4th grader. She fairly enjoyed the workshop. The paper they wrote on was “Tatar Wingceltis” or more commonly called cotton paper. The cotton paper is soft when you touch it, and is much more delicate and can wrinkle easier. When written on, the ink will soak in, and leave a black mark. The brush can come in many sizes and types of tails, such as the wolf. The volunteers went through all the steps of teaching us about Chinese Calligraphy. All of the NSA scholars who participated left proud and happy with their scrolls in their hand, and knowledge in their brain.

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Chinese Calligraphy; FOW