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Volleyball Enrichment

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Volleyball Enrichment


According to many students, the NSA volleyball enrichment is really, really FUN!!! Volleyball is a new enrichment at NSA and everyone is loving it! Did you know the coaches of volleyball have never really played the sport?

“I have no background in volleyball,” said North Star’s P.E teacher Coach Aaron.

4th grader Bennett B. said this about the coaches. “I like them because they teach us a lot of stuff and they’re funny.” Did you know volleyball was invented in 1895 but it wasn’t until the  2017-18 winter trimester that North Star has a volleyball an enrichment? “All you have to do is hit it [the ball] over the net.”

Volleyball was invented by William G. Morgan, when he was only 25 years old! Coach Dave said that he liked coaching basketball more than volleyball.“I’ve played basketball all my life so it’s easier to coach.” Did you know basketball was invented four years before volleyball or that volleyball used to have the name of ‘mintonette’? That’s odd, isn’t it?

Only six people are allowed to be on the court during a volleyball game. We asked Bennett B. about his comments on the rules of the game. He said that there “…aren’t any rules, especially since it isn’t an actual volleyball league…” But it still has rules. Some of them are: No kicking the ball, no hurting people,no swearing and if you get the ball in the basketball hoop you win. Obviously, some of these aren’t real rules. Like the last one. Let’s put you in this situation. Say you picked volleyball enrichment for your #1 option on enrichments but after the first day you hated it. You wanted to talk to Mr. Chun to get a different one but on the second week it was very fun and you didn’t want to switch .You talked to him again but he already made plans so you had to switch. You ended up sad, very sad. That’s because volleyball is the best enrichment there is!Women's Volleyball to Host Three Nike Camps This Summer

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Volleyball Enrichment