Gryphon Gazette

2020 - 2021 Staff


I am a copy editor for the Gryphon Gazette that enjoys playing piano and strategy board games. I also participate in the 8th Grade Orchestra and like studying 20th Century history.


For now, I am the Graphic Chief. I have done this enrichment many times. I really like to play almost every common sport: Basketball, hockey, football, soccer, tennis, and others. The only sport I really don't want to play is,...


I've played the flute for around 6 years. I have a pet bird. My favorite school subject is science.


I write stories for the newspaper enrichment. So far I have written two stories, one about project Cornerstone and one about The yearbooks. I am in 5th grade. I have two sisters and two dogs (Harry, 4 years old, and Jack, 11 months...


I am a swimmer who swims at Ladera Oaks. I also play hockey for the Black Stars and play tennis with my friend Brandon. I love to play sports and am very athletic. I love writing newspapers too, getting creative in my writing,...


I like to draw and I really enjoy writing stories for the newspaper. This is my first year at Northstar, and I like it so far. I also like animals and swimming, also going on vacation.

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