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iReady Testing Why?

   Three times each year students take the i-Ready test. Many of them wonder why they are doing iReady. i-Ready is an online testing program to help place students at their learning level. The program allows students to take lessons at their own pace and own level. The Redwood City School District or RCSD does i-Ready to determine how the students progressed in math and reading throughout the year. Some say it is a way to do an online, quiet, and virtual test.

   There are also learning websites other than i-Ready like Canvas LMS, Blackboard Learn, and iSpring Suite. Lots of students wonder, why can’t they do paperwork.

   Seventh grader, Chris, said,“ I don’t like i-Ready because it takes too much time and it’s boring.” Some people say this but many teachers disagree. They say that paperwork can be useful for a student’s handwriting, but i-Ready is an easier and quicker way to check the student’s work. 

   Fourth grade teacher, Mr. Carranza said, “Students are to be tested online and on paper.” Homework is also assigned on iReady so students can sharpen their skills throughout the week. 


   i-Ready has two subjects. Math and Reading/ELA. Some students prefer math and some disagree, and like ELA/Reading since it’s shorter. Many students say they believe i-Ready is boring, so they would like shorter lessons, however this won’t translate to less time because the i-Ready assignments are tracked by how many minutes students spend working on the lessons not the lessons themself.   

   The i-Ready lessons are specifically designed to practice the weaker areas for each student. If students believe i-Ready wastes time, they are truly wrong.

   “I think i-Ready is important, and meaningful because it allows students to see areas to target for growth,” said the principal Ms. Kekos. 

   I-Ready is useful in a lot of different ways. No matter what students think about i-Ready it still is a very effective way to learn Math and English Language Arts. All in All, i-Ready is a very efficient program to help students learn and to get educated. 

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  • J

    Justin AljetsMar 12, 2024 at 2:26 pm

    Great Story Arden, Charlie, Amru. Thanks for this great story.

  • C

    Charlie ThompsonFeb 12, 2024 at 2:17 pm

    Great story!

  • A

    Arden McKendrickFeb 12, 2024 at 2:17 pm

    great story… yeeaaah


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