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The Custodian Comeback

   Trash and food is left down on the floor today, the next day it is all gone. This is thanks to all of the custodians. The custodians clean up for us every school day. We are going to show you why you should respect the custodians and show you what he does every school day.

   One of the custodians, Guilllemo, likes to talk to kids when cleaning up after the kids who make a lot of messes. “My favorite thing is that I get to talk to the kids and teachers, I can make a lot of friends,” he said.

   Guillemo works from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm on every school day. That’s a lot of cleaning up to do. Don’t you think we should make his job a little easier?

   Guillemo likes his job when the kids don’t leave messes. It’s much easier for the custodian, and there will be less trash on campus if you do not leave garbage on the ground. Also, to be extra helpful for the whole school, you can pick up trash that is not your own.

   Mila 6th grade said she thinks the trash situation can get a lot better, and added “I do not think it is the school’s fault.” By that, she means that it is the students fault that there is so much trash at North Star Academy.

  Most people think that there is a lot of trash at North Star. However, without the custodians, most people wouldn’t be able to imagine how much trash there would be because there would be a lot of trash. So we should respect the custodians all the time because nobody wants to have a trash filled school because then, everyone would want to go back in time so there would be absolutely no trash in the school.

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  • A

    AzeezMar 2, 2024 at 7:00 pm

    Good and thought provoking.
    Shows the responsibility that each student should have not to leave any trash to make Custodian less troubled.
    Well done Nadim and Sean.


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