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Our Environmental Greenhouse

Last month a new structure appeared on the North Star campus and a lot of the scholars wondered about it. Who made it? Why was it built? And so many more interesting questions.

   This new structure is a greenhouse, used for growing plants!

   Mrs. Rinehart, a teacher says “ I love plants, and plants are good for the environment, they also look very beautiful and pretty.” 

   It was created to grow plants but mostly to save native plants for local wildlife because birds need insects for their babies and because native plants attract insects for them. Plants are also important because they feed the insects or bees that go there and eat the plants.

    “The greenhouse is a nice and warm place where plants are able to grow,” said  4th grader Kailey. The greenhouse was created on March 9, 2024 and built by the Dads Club. 

   Native flowers, vegetables, poppy seeds and salvia will be put into the greenhouse. More plants will go in throughout the gardening enrichment. It is used for gardening enrichment and some MIT students will plant some flowers. 

   The reason why it was built in that specific place is because it is the most efficient place and it gets sunlight. The greenhouse can’t be anywhere near the 1 story building because it will be knocked down in a few years. A generous parent donation made the greenhouse possible.

   “I really like the greenhouse because the roof provides humidity and  warmth for the plants,” said a 4th grader Catherine. 

   The greenhouse was made with cheaper plastic than others so it is easier to break. The windows can also detect the temperature and it will open automatically if it gets too humid. 

   Students in the gardening enrichment, are coming up with all kinds of ideas for how to take care of the plants.  6th grader Michael B. got an idea from his friend Chris for how to make a homemade irrigation system for the greenhouse. How will it work? A bucket will be put into a pump which will make it a sprinkler for plants.

  “It is an amazing and wonderful opportunity for scholars to test out their brain with the greenhouse – they will be able to know which plants they could grow for their house or what plants not to grow,” said Mrs. Sitte. 


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