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Ms. Robinson Retiring

   This June, our beloved 5th grade math teacher will be leaving. Ms. Robinson will be retiring from North Star after 17 years of teaching. She will be retiring because of personal reasons at home. Ms. Robinson loved her teaching years here at North Star. She said that she has mixed feelings about leaving teaching.

   Besides teaching at North Star, she has also taught at a different school for 3 years. In total Ms. Robinson has been teaching for 20 years!

   5th grader Lexi said,” Ms. Robinson is an incredible teacher, and no other teacher can replace her.”

   Many teachers liked her. For example, Ms. Tickel is going to miss Ms. Robinson because she was a great colleague. Ms. Tickel has bittersweet feelings about Ms. Robinson retiring.

   Ms. Robinson’s colleague Ms. Tickel has a beautiful quote about Ms. Robinson. She said, “ Ms. Robinson is one of my favorite teachers I ever worked with. I feel so lucky that I got to learn from her.”

   Mr. Robinson, who was a 4th grade math teacher at North Star up until a few years ago, said that if Ms. Robinson leaves it will be a loss for education. He also said that she is a gifted and talented math teacher, and the best organized teacher. Mr. Robinson said that he will miss Ms. Robinson. They both worked together at cross grade level meetings. She helped scholars learn more in math.

   Mr. Robinson said, “Ms. Robinson was an awesome math teacher with alphametics and she likes kids to recognize that she is proud of them.”

   Students loved working with Ms. Robinson. The scholars say that she teaches challenging math problems in fun ways. She always made math thrilling for all scholars.


   A 5th grader Xavier said, “She was a great teacher, and gave us many fun and challenging math problems.” Even people from 4th grade like her.

   Onnika from 4th grade said,”I wanted her to be my teacher because she is very nice.” Other people liked her because she taught at a good pace and slowed down for people behind in the class.

   This just goes to show that everyone liked her because she was a sweet person and a great math teacher.

   Ms. Robinson said that she is leaving for personal reasons, but she says she might return to North Star as a substitute teacher, or as an enrichment teacher.  Ms. Robinson has many fun memories about the scholars she has taught in her seventeen years here at North Star.

  Ms. Robinson was an awesome, kind and a lovely math teacher. She teaches with enthusiasm, and makes every math problem exciting. Ms. Robinson will definitely be missed.

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