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Tag – The Story Behind the Scenes

   Tag is a common game played in all schools that has lasted from the 4th Century BC and today. But now it is banned at North Star. Dr. O’Neal took this step because students were playing too dangerously. Tag is a game that can be played safely if there are ground rules. It is the Gryphon Gazette’s opinion that this ban is limiting play and the ban should be banned.

   Dr. O’Neal stated that “Mr. Havey and I are talking about doing huddles later. In huddles we can talk about things. It’s going to be once per week.” With new things coming our way, hopefully the old things will come back.

   Football, Soccer, Basketball, what do they have in common? They are all physical sports. This means that there is contact and pushing to play the game correctly. Tag is the same because Tag is played by “tagging” another person to make them “it”. Soccer is played during PE and is one of the most physical sports at our school, but Tag is the one banned. Additionally, according to about mechanics, “tan bark is often placed around playground equipment for shock absorption.” Tan bark cushions the fall of students when they trip, or get pushed on the play structure making falling safer. It seems that Tag is a lot safer than you might think.

   Stripped to its core, Tag is just chasing each other to try to “tag” them. This gives students an adrenaline rush that releases endorphins and makes them feel happy. Tag’s rules are also one the simplest of all sports. So much so that six-year-olds to full-grown adults all can play Tag. This simplicity allows students who aren’t interested in sports like soccer and basketball to play another game that they can always understand instead of being inactive. Most of the 5th grade and some of the 6th grade all play Tag. With this many people playing Tag at our school, it would affect these students greatly if Tag was banned. Leaving them at a loss for what they should do during recess and lunch. 

   “This tag ban is unreasonable since a lot of kids play it. If it’s banned then many kids won’t have anything to do during lunch,” said 6th Grader Jackson.

   Alexander from 5th grade added, “I don’t think it should be banned since people have been playing tag since a small age and if small kids can play it, we can!”

    “This tag ban is unreasonable and lowers the fun during recess,” said 6th Grader Wesley. “It affects the people that play tag during recess and lunch,” she added.

   However, not all kids think that tag should be allowed. Susie in 6th Grade said “Tag should be banned because kids can get hurt” and also said that her friend “Eleanor got hurt playing tag.” After an interview with Eleanor, we found out that Eleanor tripped during tag because she was wearing big shoes that were easy to trip in. During all of our interviews, this was the only incident of someone getting hurt and it wasn’t even severe! 

   Some people might think that the people playing Tag aren’t monitored,” but actually, most people play Tag on the playground, right next to where Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Peggy are sitting watching us. 

   Others might wonder about the people who play Tag on the blacktop where you can get hurt if you fall. They might be right, but a simple solution to this is to restrict Tag to only the field and the playground area. Both places have adults monitoring them and both have soft flooring to cushion falls (Tan bark, and grass). By restricting Tag to only the field and the playground, it also lowers the risk of kids bumping into people who are playing basketball or tetherball on the blacktop. With this solution, kids can still happily play Tag, while being safe and out of the way for others to play their own games.

   Dr. O’Neal pointed out that “Mrs. William saw people jumping tables around the blue lunch” and that it wasn’t very safe. Dr. O’Neal respects Mrs. William’s judgment so she listened and put a pause on the tag. 

   In another limiting decision, recently, free play and All Sports were banned during enrichment. The uproar was massive and people started making petitions. 

   “PE and All sports became free play without a coach to control and organize it,” said Dr. O’Neal. Now, All Sports with more coaches is coming back. “We do care, we’re trying to be safe, trying to make things better,” she added.

   Tag should be allowed in the playground and the field. Perhaps a solution, similar to the All Sports dilemma can be found. Tag has been played for over 2000 years, so let’s keep this game alive for many more years to come at our school.


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